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Part 29: Add Navigation to your EVAM component Items

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Handle Navigation Event

Remember, we added sys_declarative_action for the navigation for our EVAM Definition. Let’s dispatch the event now from the component when someone clicks on the item in the data set.

  • Select Body from the content window
  • Goto Events > Handled Events
  • Click Add and Configure the following

Dispatch event

  • Select Data Set 1 from the content window
  • Goto Config properties
  • Click Configure declarative action event mappings in the bottom
  • Under navigation, Add new event handler and configure as follows.

Add Client Script to handle navigation

  • Goto Page Scripts
  • Click +Add
  • Give name as Handle catalog submission
  • Copy following snippet and save
 * @param {params} params
 * @param {api} params.api
 * @param {any} params.event
 * @param {any} params.imports
function handler({
}) {
    helpers.navigate.to("catalog", {}, {
        "sysId": event.payload.sysId

Event Handler

  • Select Body from the content window
  • Goto Events > Catalog Item Clicked
  • Click Add a new event handler
  • Map the client script we created and Click save

Great!! We should be all set and upon clicking the catalog item it should open the correct catalog item.

Akash Rajput Technology over a cup of coffee

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