UI Builder

Part 31: Understand Data Broker Transforms

Let’s say we bring data using data broker and we would like to transform it before we display it on the page. Think of...
Akash Rajput
1 min read

Part 30: Add Pagination to EVAM Data Set

Create State variables pageSize – Number – 3 pageCursor – String – Blank pageNumber – Number – 1 Add Client Script to Handle Navigation...
Akash Rajput
46 sec read

Part 29: Add Navigation to your EVAM component Items

Handle Navigation Event Remember, we added sys_declarative_action for the navigation for our EVAM Definition. Let’s dispatch the event now from the component when someone...
Akash Rajput
41 sec read

Part 28: Understand EVAM template

Let’s look at the final page after we have added the EVAM component on the Catalog page and understand how different details are showing...
Akash Rajput
56 sec read

Part 27: Create EVAM Component in UIB

Navigate to UI Builder Navigate to Now Experience Framework > Experiences. Open the Experience for Panda Tech. On the right side of the form, Besides the...
Akash Rajput
2 min read

Part 26. EVAM Component template

Navigate to View Config Navigate to Entity View Action Mapper (EVAM) > View Configurations Click Catalog items list On the right side of the form,...
Akash Rajput
51 sec read

Part 25: Create catalog homepage using EVAM component

About EVAM (Entity View Action Mapper) Component EVAM, A Component is a very useful component to display cards/lists of items from any tables with...
Akash Rajput
1 min read

Part 24: Refresh comments data broker

Hook Event to update the comment Goto Nested comments 1 component Select event section Click + Add a new event handler Goto Retrieve knowledge...
Akash Rajput
17 sec read

Part 23: Add data broker to save comments

Add Data Broker to add comments Goto Data resources Click + Add Search with keyword insert knowledge Select Insert knowledge comment Click Add Add...
Akash Rajput
30 sec read

Part 22: Nested comment for knowledge article

Navigate to knowledge article page and Add container for nested comments section Open on knowledge article page from UI Builder. From the Content section,...
Akash Rajput
45 sec read