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Part 21: Working with snhttp to set rating on-load

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Add Event handler to capture the params received from catalog page

  • Navigate to Knowledge Article Page
  • Create a Client script
  • Set the name as Set Ratings
  • Set the following script
 * @param {params} params
 * @param {api} params.api
 * @param {any} params.event
 * @param {any} params.imports
function handler({api, event, helpers, imports}) {
     const {
    } = api;

    const {
    } = helpers;

    const curentArticle = context.props.sysId;

     //Get Feedback for the current article
    snHttp('/api/now/table/kb_feedback?sysparm_limit=1&sysparm_query=article=' + curentArticle, {
        method: "GET",
        batch: false,
    }).then(response => {
        if (response.response.result.length > 0) {
            var rating = response.response.result[0].rating;

            //Update state
            setState('rating', rating); // Set rating

    }).catch(error => {
        console.log('Error:' + error);


Understanding the code snippet

  • We are going to create a state called rating to store the rating
  • We are Using Table API using snHttp Service line no 21
  • This can be an alternative method from Data Broker to fetch data
  • Once we get the result, We are setting the state to the rating we received on line no 29

Create State to store rating

  • Goto Client State
  • Click + Add to create state variable
  • Set name as rating and type as number
  • Click Save

Map Rating Component to this state property

  • Goto Star rating 1 component
  • Set Rating prop to following @state.rating
  • Click Save

Hook this client script to the page ready event handler

  • Select Body from the Content section
  • On the properties pane, Click Add a new event handler on Page ready event
  • Select Set Ratings from the scripts and click Add
  • Click Save on the top to save the page
  • When you refresh the Article page, Rating should be pre populated

Great!! We have successfully hooked event to display ratings on page load using snhttp service

Akash Rajput Technology over a cup of coffee

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